To ensure the integrity of the Support Small UK and members that are part of our community we have a number of policies which must be adhered to when posting and responding to a review

  • All reviews must be genuine, honest and an accurate representation of your first hand, experience. They must also be written within 6 months of your experience
  • You don’t have to have bought goods or services from a business to leave them a review but the review must make it clear what you are reviewing, Ie you visited their shop or had a quote from them.
  • We would love for all our reviews to be positive but appreciate this can’t always be the case. We would advise to try and solve an issues you may have experienced with the business in the first interest.
  • We do not tolerate abusive or offensive behaviour, towards businesses or other Members. This includes (but is not limited to) the use of profanities; threats; prejudiced comments; slandering; hate speech; and/ or, sexually explicit language.
  • You can not write a review for a business that you or your family either work for or have a financial interest in.
  • Businesses are encouraged to ask can ask for a review to be left, however there must be no incentive offered to you by the business to write the review (ie discount or free gift)
  • When you submit a review it becomes visible to anyone who visits the website and may be shared on any of the social media channels of either Support Small UK and the business which you have reviewed
  • We respect our all our community members privacy, therefore if leaving a review, or review response, ensure you and not sharing any of your own or another’s personal details, such as full name or address (see our Privacy Policy for more details). The personal details of Members will never be shared with the subject of their review, or 3rd parties, unless required under court or government order.
  • As well as adhering to this policy you must also adhere to out conditions of use