August 1, 2021

Directory Listing – Best Practice

Support Small UK advertises the Business Directory as whole in order to get traffic to the website to help our small business members get found. Once a potential customer is on the directory, they can search for the product, service or type of business they are looking for. Use these best practice steps below to help get the most out of your business directory listing/


Keep your listing update

It is important to keep your listing accurate and up to date remember it is a reflection of your business and the first impression a new potential customer will get about your business.

As your business grows and changes your directory listing needs to as well. It’s important to update your listing at least every three months. This may just be to add in details of any new launches, seasonal offers or try out new key words. If members can’t get through to you easily  as your details are out of date they will likely find another business

Have a good detailed business description

Any text in your description can come up when someone searches the site, so think about what people may search for that relates to your products, service or business and include it in your description. You also want to include –

  • An overview of you and your business
  • Your USP – what makes you different (handmade, vegan, locally sourced)
  • Examples of what you sell/offer such as your best sellers
  • Include reasons people may buy your product or service – Christmas birthdays gifts self-care home
  • Special offers (pay for 4 massages get 1 free, free next day deliver on orders over £50)

If it is not obvious how to purchase from you make this clear in your description. Also include all the options to see more from your business, we suggest a minimum of 2 social media links – everyone has their own favourite and you don’t want to put potential buyers off by only being on one they are not signed up to. This also encourages potential customers to follow your business – they make like what they see on your directory listing but not be looking to buy but will be an active engaged follower and a potential future customer, brand supporter and ambassador

Make sure to spell and grammar check your listing, and avoid using slang and text type unless relevant to your business. It is personal choice whether you write your listing in first or third person, just ensure you are consistent throughout.

High quality pictures

You can have up to 20 pictures on your business listing – the more the better. People will often look at pictures before reading text so make sure these are hiqh quality and a good representation of your goods or service. If a person isn’t drawn in by your pictures they are less likely to read your business description.

As part of adding your listing to the directory you allow us to use your pictures to help promote the directory. We will do this via all our social media channels, paid ads and newsletters – the better your pictures the more likely you are to get featured.


Reply to reviews            

Thank customers for positive reviews and address any concerns raised in reviews. Never argue with a customer or accuse them of lying this will reflect badly on you and your business. If you believe a review is false please report it to us. (please see our review policy)

Example listing

Sparkle Bands is a mother and daughter family run business based in the heart of Devon established in the summer of 2019. We handmake 100% pure cotton bracelets, dyed with locally sourced organic vegan natural dye, for men and women of all ages.

Our mission is to produce a range of high quality products that make people happy whilst being sustainable and eco conscious –  10% of all our sales are donated to the National Wildlife Trust.

We have a wide range of bracelets from our bestselling rainbow bands which make excellent well done, or teacher gifts to our special personalised bands which are great as a present for a milestone birthdays or as keepsakes for new parents. We offer free shipping on orders of three or more bracelets.

We are currently working on our Christmas collection which will include stocking fillers as well as some extra special new products – we can’t wait to share these with you!

We strive to please our customers so if you don’t find what you are looking for please drop us a message and we will be more than happy to help.

To see our full range visit our website – we would also love you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we share behind the scenes footage and do monthly giveaways.

Fancy making your own bracelets? – we run regular group workshops where you can come and make your own bracelets. These are great fun and a chance to try something different perfect for an event or  hen do – we can even come to you! For more details please see our website

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